The fab 5 that keeps me going...

The fab 5 that keeps me going...
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. ~ Chinese Proverb

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its all in the little things ~ tie your shoes!

Having adopted children at an older age poses some challenges. Yes, the history that we will never know about, the first years of their lives ~ always a mystery. But there is more. Our kids have some 'gaps' that we forget, overlook or just don't see. It happened recently. As the weather changes, we went on a school shoe shopping escapade. Amira and Milan picked out some tennis shoes that fit and I purchased them and we went home. They were excited to wear their shoes the next day, and in our hurry in the am with 5 little ones to get to 4 different schools, I failed to notice my son's shoes were untied.

As many of you know, Amira and Milan came from Ethiopia, and in our excitement to buy clothes and shoes, bought them what every American kid has or has had: Light-up, velcro tennis shoes. So in fulfilling our need, we didn't see that our Milan could not tie his shoes. I totally missed this. Until yesterday, when I noticed he couldn't tie his new shoes. He is 6.

These small things are so eye-opening. It reminds me of the time we went to the Secretary of State's office downtown to get the documents apostilled for the adoption of our little MeiLi from China. Our two kiddos from Ethiopia had only been home for about 3 months when we visited this tall building and took the elevator up. As if this wasn't enough of an adventure, when we arrived on the floor we needed to get off, there was a drinking fountain across the hall. My kids ran up to it (as kids do), but instead of fighting to take a drink, after they discovered that water spurts out after pushing the button, they both proceeded to wash their hands in it. All of this is funny. But not as funny (maybe the wrong word) as the time that we stepped into the Addis Ababa Sheraton Hotel while in Ethiopia to take the kids for a swim.

We stepped in the front door, and this hotel is every bit of a 5 star hotel by American standards. It is all so wrong. The most extreme poverty that you could imagine (you can't ~ I couldn't) is just yards away, and here is this lavish hotel with marble floors and big chandeliers and men in suits with top hats (yes, really!) greet you at the door. My kids immediately saw the large fountain and started to take their clothes off ~ after all, it was the cleanest bathwater they had ever laid eyes on!

So its always teaching moments in our household ~ if we choose to pay attention. Our kids teach us something new on a daily basis. My 6yo can't tie his shoes, but he can read. And he is profoundly deaf. Wow...

Taking things for granted is something I like to think I don't do, but I, like most of us, do.

When I wake up every Sunday, I have to admit: I do not always want to walk the neighborhood of Catalina Vista and collect cans. I really sometimes just want to sleep in, have a pajama day, and never even leave the house. But there is something that happens every time I show up. Every Time I Show Up...

This is an example of what makes it all change. I get little notes sometimes with the food donations, and it COMPLETELY makes my day. Its just a little thing, true. But the truth is, you took the time to write it, and if you could see my grin, its bigger than this computer screen. So don't stop ~ I love it. Its all I need to show up and keep going... very simply, its really all I need.

90 LBS. THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!

DFW (Dining for Women) is soon, just 5 days away (yeah, I'm counting), and I can't wait to talk about the amazingness that happens there.

Life is Good.

Life is So Good.

Even if you can't tie your shoes ~ ask your neighbor.

See you next Sunday!

xo Lisa

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