The fab 5 that keeps me going...

The fab 5 that keeps me going...
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. ~ Chinese Proverb

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Best Story I Have...

Just over two and a half years ago, my husband and I got the phone call paired with the email that our 'adoption referral' was on its way. Basically this means that when you go through the process (paperwork pregnancy!), you are eventually "matched" with a child. You receive minimal paperwork, no medical history and a small grainy photograph. The lucky parents get videos.

As we opened up the email with as much anxiety and excitement as a birth, we both cried tears of joy. Little did we anticipate what life-changing events (for all) lie ahead.

Because my husband had to work, I made the trek to Ethiopia with my Mom (who was a complete trooper. When I called and advised her to leave her Rolex at home, she replied, "okay, I think I can find my Gucci watch somewhere around here." LOL). As we arrived in Ethiopia, I was sick with anticipation and nerves, but it was all completely dispelled when I walked up to the foster home only to have my children run out and leap into my arms with delight! I was so prepared for them to be completely afraid of me (had they ever met a white person before?!) and run the other way. To be greeted with such excitement ~ I was not prepared for. I also was not prepared for the was to come ~ the meeting of my son's Birthmother.

I would venture to say it was the most painful day of my life to date. You see, she had 3 children, but was making an adoption plan for just Milan (Yinges), because he is profoundly deaf. (Understand that in Ethiopia, being Deaf is a death sentence). And as she sat stoically, I couldn't even open my mouth to utter a single question, because the Flood Gates would have opened. It would have been the Ugliest wail anyone has ever witnessed. So I sat quietly. We took some pictures and looked awkwardly at each other. I asked her to speak into a video camera - her wishes for his future, and figured I would ask my Ethiopian friends back in the states what she had said. I unfortunately and painfully never got that opportunity, as our house was broken into and the camera stolen with the videos therein. But there was something Bigger happening, which none was prepared for. And in that moment, I felt like I had just ripped a child from his Mother's arms. None of this felt good. I would spend the next year asking God, "why?"
With a pit in my stomach, I brought my two kids to the airport where an Ethiopian woman sized me up and then looked me straight in the eyes and started to speak. (I thought I was going to be scolded for taking a child from his Mother). And all she said was, "Thank You. I really Thank You. No, Ethiopia Thanks You!" And the floodgates opened. She cried, I cried, we embraced and departed ways onto our flights. I felt better, but still uneasy.

The next jaunt of our journey brought many challenges with communicating and structure. We were clearly starting from scratch, and our little Milan Yinges could do nothing but point and grunt or have a drooling screaming breakdown in order to communicate his needs. The journey would be long, but we were in it for Life.

Fast forward one year: Milan had 'something wrong'. My husband and I felt it in our gut. We were returning from a trip to Mexico and Milan had to go to the bathroom 4 times in 45 minutes! And then kept signing that he was 'thirsty'. So we looked at each other and my husband suggested maybe he drank the water in Mexico. Yes, that definitely made sense. So I made a doctor's appointment and expected to get an RX for an antibiotic ~ that would surely do it! But instead, we were told we were going to spend the next 5 days in the hospital - Milan had Diabetes. I have to admit, I was completely Blindsided.

So through my tears in the doctor's office, I felt a sense of relief come over me. I paused for a moment and "got it." You see, Milan's deafness saved his life. Adoption saved his life. His Birthmom gave Life to him ~ Twice. Ethiopia doesn't have Insulin and the doctor exclaimed, "he would not have seen his 5th birthday if he was not adopted."
Miracles DO Happen.

I cried every day for a month, and it still breaks my heart. But Diabetes is something we live with every day. Milan gets 4-5 shots a day and cannot live without Insulin. He is a trooper. He is a small hero, in a big way.

Just like the Neighbors in Catalina Vista ~ you are all small heroes in Big ways...
86 lbs. this week!

Thanks to my class too! :)

See you Sunday!

Lisa :)

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