The fab 5 that keeps me going...

The fab 5 that keeps me going...
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. ~ Chinese Proverb

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Good News, or the Good News?

Which one would you like first?

Good News #1: 109 LBS. THIS WEEK!

Good News #2: Another INCREDIBLE Dining for Women gathering at the lovely home of Janis. A big THANK YOU to Dory (picture on left), Janis and Gypsy who will now all co-lead our sister dining adventures. Also a big THANK YOU especially to Dory. Dory is such a kind woman who really has a keen sense of knowing how to connect a group of people, and how the dynamic works. You see, Dory invited her friend Kay to this weeks Dining out and Kay brought something that we all could use, all too often: Perspective. Kay is one of those really special people too (birds of a feather, stick together ~ no wonder Dory and Kay are friends!). She is special because she lived and breathed India for 5 years, and by her stories, she still carries India in her heart. This is a woman that lived among poverty that we cannot conceive. She described the streets of 6 lanes wide, littered with people sleeping on cardboard boxes. She told of the legality for a man to kill his wife ~ which happens quite often, as the motivation would be yet another dowry from a subsequent wife; and that this 'normally' happens through burning. She described poverty and disease to a tune that it sounded like a movie, for we have nothing we can relate it to. All of this, and Kay survived there for FIVE years! She was studying with the Sages and Saints of India and practiced meditation. She now meditates 5 hours for every 24 hours of her life. Wow. I mean, wow. (Okay, that wasn't exactly good news, but the good news is that women from Tucson are gathering to make a difference! No, actually that is Great News!)

This is Kay talking with the group.

Good News #3: I got to meet Amy and Bonnie; two incredible women and Catalina Vista neighbors on my One Can A Week route. Amy even told me how to get through her gate because she too, wants to participate. Awesome.

Good News #4: My 11yo daughter attended our Dining for Women and wrote me a note that said: "The country was India. The food was delish. It was a whole different, cool, awesome experience. I had so much fun. I hope to be able to go to more because it was so enjoyable. Thanks, Mom for sharing this experience with me. Sequoia".

Good News #5: For those of you who might think Dining for Women is a very serious thing and we sit around and talk about the perils of the world ~ think again:

I love this picture, because in One Big Gulp, this is what it feels like to be part of something Very Big on a Small Scale. What a beautiful thing...

Good News #6: Thanks to the people that thank me for doing One Can a Week, and those who enjoyed the interesting information about real estate in Catalina Vista last week (staying informed is good! And I love sharing my passions!).

Good News #7: THANK YOU to all the people that give to One Can A Week. It doesn't happen without you! I appreciate each and every one of you!!!!!! Catalina Vista ROCKS!!!

Good News #8: Life is Good. And this is Otis and his Mommy, Janis (she is ALL Good ~ an amazing woman with a giant heart!). He agrees. Even he is smiling.
See you Sunday! And sending GIANT hugs to you all (I know I needed a few this week ~ whew!).
Todo esta Bien. It's all Good...


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