The fab 5 that keeps me going...

The fab 5 that keeps me going...
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. ~ Chinese Proverb

Friday, October 23, 2009

Get Your Good News Here! Keep your Cell Phone near!

Our regular drop-off this week was extra happy because we got to add a small pile of "extra" donations. See, I'm taking a real estate professional development class at the moment (for 6 weeks), and the instructor said we needed to come up with a 'consequence' for random cell phones going off during class, or people leaving or showing up late. My dear friend Martha (another great realtor buddy) BRILLIANTLY (I might add) suggested that we donate cans. So the end result was this: If your cell phone goes off, if you leave early or arrive late; you donate TEN cans (to One Can A Week) and TEN dollars (which goes to Long Cares Foundation). All of this is fabulous, but the funny part of it is when someone's cell phone rings, I let out a big howling cheer (I can't help it!). So RING phones, RING!!!! :)

The other funny part of this is that (in this picture w my little ones) Howard, who works at the Community Food Bank and helps weigh our donations, told me that his cell phone is never quiet ~ he cannot get it to a 'shush' or vibrate ring - it goes off no matter what or where. I asked him to join our class kindly. ;) Just askin'... :)

So this week is (*drum roll*) 104 lbs., including 6 lbs. of 'non-food items' (which included toiletries and paper towels). GREAT JOB! And thanks to my class and your cell phones!

It looks like we are now 'consistently' in the three digit donations. This brings such a smile to my face. Just like walking CV every Sunday and chatting with ya'all. This week I got to meet "Taco" ~ a resident doggie who is one of those unique-doesn't-need-to-be-leashed and is a smart-cookie kind-of-dog. See you Sunday Taco!


p.s. The update on the shoe-tying: In progress.

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