The fab 5 that keeps me going...

The fab 5 that keeps me going...
One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade. ~ Chinese Proverb

Thursday, September 24, 2009

56 lbs. ~ week 6!

I know that I am definitely on the right path in my career because I have chosen a road that allows me to talk ~ a lot. I am rarely at a loss for words, but sometimes it happens. I think sometimes people say things better than I can so I want to share other people's words for now.

Recently Peter Norback of One Can A Week, Miles Neighborhood invited me to join him at the Food Bank where the Mayor presented along with the Food Bank Manager and Richard Fimbres. You can see his article on the occasion here:

I also had the privledge of meeting Nina Tasoff, ward 6 Councilmember. She 'gets' the art of giving.

So that started my week, and this finished it:

It is an entry in the blog written by Marsha Wallace, the brainchild behind the INCREDIBLE organization: Dining for Women.

Just look at Dining for Women's Mission and Vision!

Our Mission
Dining for Women empowers women living in extreme poverty by funding programs fostering good health, education, and economic self-sufficiency and cultivates educational dinner circles inspiring individuals to make a difference through the power of collective giving.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create a new paradigm for giving - collective giving on a large scale - while maintaning the intimacy of small groups with a focus on education and involved giving. We envision small groups of women forming dinner chapters throughout the world combining their energies to improve the quality of life for women and children living in the developing world.

Ahhhh its so beautiful.

Life is So good.

I am so incredibly blessed.

See you Sunday!


p.s. I am passing out free tickets to the Greek Festival on my Sunday route (good for Sunday admission). Enjoy! :)

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